Our History

miles investigations history

Our History

From a simple beginning with two desks, two phone lines and a few loyal clients, our company has grown to represent over 1000 self insured companies, third party administrators, insurance companies, government agencies and the law firms that defend their work. We represent the country’s foremost aerospace, construction, technology, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, retail, transportation and agriculture companies in the United States and overseas. Our reputation for fast, accurate and actionable information sets us apart from our competitors.

Miles Investigations, Inc. was established in 1986 as a partnership and incorporated in 1994. We are a closely held C-corporation. The corporation is managed by a founding partner Steven S. Starkel, who serves as the President and CEO. Mr. Starkel is domiciled in our Pacific Northwest Regional office in Beaverton, Oregon.

Our managers and investigators are employees and not subcontractors. They are college educated seasoned professionals with hundreds of hours of field experience. You will not find a more experienced, dedicated group of investigators to handle your case.

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